What is the Cheapest Fence to Build?


A Comprehensive Comparison of Affordable Fencing Options

Building a fence is a wise choice when protecting your property, enhancing privacy, or adding a style to your outdoor space. A fence defines your property’s boundaries and provides security and aesthetic value. However, the cost of fencing can be a significant concern. Various factors, including the type of material, fence size, design complexity, and installation process, can greatly influence the overall expense. In this article, we’ll compare different types of cheap fences, exploring their pros and cons to help you make an informed decision that suits your budget and preferences.

Chain Link Fencing: Affordable and Practical

Chain link fencing is a popular and budget-friendly option for those seeking a balance between cost and functionality. Its installation is relatively straightforward, attaching interlocking metal wires to a framework of steel posts. The average cost per linear foot for chain link fencing is around $5 to $15, while the cost per acre can range from $1,000 to $3,000.

While chain link fencing may lack the ornate beauty of other options, it offers several advantages. It’s highly durable and can withstand harsh weather conditions. Moreover, its transparent design doesn’t obstruct views and allows natural light to filter through. On the downside, it may not offer the desired level of privacy, which can be essential for some homeowners. To address this, consider adding privacy panels or growing vines along the fence for a more secluded feel.

Treated Pine Fencing: A Balance of Economy and Longevity

Treated pine fencing is an excellent choice for those looking to balance cost-effectiveness and durability. Treated pine wood is resistant to rot and insects, prolonging its lifespan. The average cost per linear foot ranges from $10 to $25, with per-acre costs varying between $1,800 and $4,5001.

One of the key advantages of treated pine fencing is its ability to resist decay, which is especially beneficial in wet or humid climates. However, treated pine wood is susceptible to warping over time. To mitigate this, handpick fence panels to ensure they’re straight and well-treated. Regularly sealing and staining the wood can also help maintain its appearance and structural integrity3.

Recycled Corrugated Metal Fencing: Sustainability and Strength

Recycled corrugated metal fencing stands out as an innovative and eco-friendly option. This type of fencing involves repurposing old metal sheets, resulting in a unique and industrial aesthetic. The average cost per linear foot can vary based on availability and condition but generally falls within the $10 to $20 (cost per acre data may vary).

The strength and durability of corrugated metal make it a sturdy option for security and protection. However, rusting over time can be a concern, impacting both appearance and structural integrity. To address this, consider applying a protective paint or coating. Combining corrugated metal with wood elements can add warmth and visual appeal to the overall design.

Full Trellis Fencing: Aesthetic Appeal and Functionality

Full trellis fencing offers a blend of elegance and functionality, making it an attractive option for those who value aesthetics. This type of fencing consists of a lattice-like structure that can accommodate climbing plants and vines. The cost per linear foot and acre can vary depending on the material and design but generally falls within the $15 to $30 (cost per acre data may vary).

The intricate design of full trellis fencing adds a touch of sophistication to outdoor spaces. It allows for increased privacy while allowing light and air to pass through. However, it might not be as sturdy as other options, which could be considered in areas prone to strong winds or impacts. Choosing the right material, shape, and color can significantly enhance the appearance and functionality of full trellis fencing.

Pallet Wood Fencing: Creativity on a Budget

Pallet wood fencing stands as a testament to creativity and resourcefulness. Utilizing discarded pallets can lead to a unique and budget-friendly fencing solution. The cost per linear foot and acre can vary greatly based on the source and quality of pallets, but it’s generally considered one of the most affordable options.

The primary advantage of pallet wood fencing is its cost-effectiveness and the opportunity to repurpose materials that would otherwise go to waste. However, sourcing pallets of consistent quality might be a challenge. Inspect the pallets for damage, pests, and chemical treatments to ensure durability and safety. Applying a finish, such as a sealant or paint, can enhance the longevity and appearance of the wood.


Several options balance cost, quality, and style to find the cheapest fence to build. Chain link fencing presents a practical and transparent solution, while treated pine fencing prioritizes durability. Recycled corrugated metal fencing brings sustainability and strength to the forefront, and full trellis fencing offers an elegant touch with climbing plant potential. Pallet wood fencing embodies creativity and affordability through repurposed materials.

When deciding on the right fence for your property, consider your budget, the intended purpose, and the environmental conditions it will face. By understanding the advantages and disadvantages of each type of fencing, you can make an informed decision that meets your needs while keeping your budget in check. Whether you prioritize durability, aesthetics, or functionality, a cheap fence can provide security and style.

Remember, the cheapest fence might not always be the most suitable one for your specific requirements. Investing in a fence that aligns with your preferences and property needs will yield a more satisfying and enduring outcome.

Disclaimer: The cost estimates provided in this article are general averages and may vary based on location, materials used, and labor costs.


  1. Cost estimates are from various industry references and may vary based on location and other factors.
  2. Privacy solutions for chain links and full trellis fencing can enhance aesthetics and functionality.
  3. Proper maintenance and enhancement measures can address treated pine and recycled corrugated metal fencing issues.
  4. Careful selection, inspection, and finishing can make pallet wood fencing a viable and creative option.