The Rising Popularity of Black Windows in Brick Homes: A Modern Twist on Classic Design

As homeowners increasingly seek to add a unique and contemporary touch to their exterior, “brick house black windows” are popular. This modern design trend contrasts with red and white brick exteriors, providing an eye-catching look that can complement various architectural styles. In this comprehensive guide, we will delve into the allure of black windows in brick homes, the types of windows and frame materials available, and tips for seamlessly integrating this design trend into your home.

The Allure of Black Windows in Brick Houses

Contrasting Aesthetics

One of the main appeals of black windows in brick homes is their stark contrast with the brick exterior. The dark frames draw attention to the windows, making them stand out as a design feature. This bold look works incredibly well with red brick exteriors, as the black window frames can accentuate the rich, warm tones of the bricks. White brick homes also benefit from adding black windows, as the contrast creates a visually striking and unique aesthetic.

Versatile Architectural Styles

Black windows can be incorporated into various architectural styles, making them a versatile design choice for brick homes. Modern and contemporary home designs often feature black windows to enhance the clean lines and minimalistic aesthetic. The contrast between the brick and the window frames adds depth and character to the overall design.

In addition to modern and contemporary homes, black windows work well with traditional architectural styles. Whether it’s a colonial, craftsman, or Tudor-style home, black windows can add a touch of sophistication and elegance. This design choice can also be incorporated into the modern farmhouse and coastal home designs, providing a fresh, updated look that maintains the charm of these classic styles.

Types of Windows and Frame Materials for Black Windows

Window Types for Brick Houses

When choosing windows for your brick home, it is essential to consider various types and styles to find the perfect fit. Some popular options include:

  1. Casement windows are hinged on one side and open outward, providing excellent ventilation and unobstructed views.
  2. Double-hung windows: Featuring two sashes that slide vertically, double-hung windows are a classic choice that offers excellent airflow and easy cleaning.
  3. Awning windows: Hinged at the top and opening outward, awning windows are ideal for providing ventilation while protecting the interior from rain.
  4. Picture windows: Large, fixed windows that don’t open. Picture windows are perfect for showcasing stunning views and letting in natural light.
  5. Skylight windows: Installed on the roof, skylight windows bring in abundant natural light and can create a dramatic effect in the interior spaces.
Detail of black steel-framed casement windows on a traditional red brick home
Add elegance and sophistication to your traditional brick home with black steel-framed windows.

Popular Frame Materials

The frame materials you choose for your black windows will impact the overall appearance and durability of the windows. Some common materials include:

  1. Aluminum: Lightweight and low-maintenance aluminum window frames are an excellent option for modern homes. The slim profile allows for larger glass panes, enhancing the contemporary aesthetic.
  2. Steel: Known for its strength and durability, steel window frames provide an industrial look that works well with modern and traditional brick homes. Steel frames can also be thermally broken to improve energy efficiency.
  3. Vinyl: While not as standard for black windows, vinyl frames are an affordable and low-maintenance option. However, they may offer different durability and strength than aluminum or steel frames.

White Brick Houses with Black Windows

Unique Look and Appeal

White brick houses with black windows have become increasingly popular, especially in modern farmhouses and coastal homes. The black window frames create an exciting contrast against the white brick, providing an eye-catching and unique look. This design choice can give a fresh, updated feel to a classic style, making the home stand out in the neighborhood.

Modern Farmhouses and Coastal Homes

The combination of white brick and black windows is trendy in modern farmhouse and coastal home designs. These styles often feature clean lines, simple forms, and a focus on natural materials. The contrast between the white brick and black window frames adds depth and visual interest, enhancing the overall design and elevating the home’s curb appeal.

Beautiful white brick farmhouse featuring stylish black window frames and a peaceful setting
Embrace the modern farmhouse trend with a white brick exterior and contrasting black windows.

Integrating Black Windows into the Overall Home Design

Important Design Considerations

When incorporating black windows into your brick home’s design, it is essential to consider various factors to ensure seamless integration. These factors include:

  1. Surrounding landscaping: Your home should complement the black windows, providing a cohesive look that enhances the property’s overall aesthetic.
  2. Paint or trim colors: The colors of your home’s exterior paint, trim, and other features should work well with the black windows. Choose colors that either contrast or complement the window frames to create a harmonious appearance.
  3. Overall home design: Consider your home’s architectural style and design elements when selecting black windows. Ensure the windows align with your home’s aesthetic and contribute to the design vision.

Tips for Seamless Integration

To successfully integrate black windows into your brick home’s design, follow these tips:

  1. Balance the black windows with other black accents: To create a cohesive look, incorporate other black elements in your exterior design, such as light fixtures, door hardware, or railings. This will help tie the design together and create a balanced appearance.
  2. Please choose the right window style: Select a window style that complements your home’s architectural style and enhances its overall design. Consult a professional designer or architect if you need help determining which window style works best for your home.
  3. Pay attention to proportions: Ensure that the size and shape of your black windows are in proportion to the overall size of your home and the other design elements. Correctly proportioned windows enhance your home’s curb appeal and create a harmonious appearance.

Window Replacement Services and Installation

Choosing the Right Service

Professional window replacement services are essential to achieving the best results when installing black windows in your brick home. Various home improvement retailers and companies offer window replacement services to help you select and install the perfect black windows for your home. Look for a company with a solid reputation, excellent customer reviews, and a portfolio of previous work to ensure a high-quality installation.

The Importance of Professional Installation

Professional installation is crucial for several reasons:

  1. Proper fit and sealing: A professional window installer will ensure the windows fit correctly and are appropriately sealed to prevent drafts, leaks, and energy loss.
  2. Long-lasting durability: Professional installation ensures that your windows are installed securely and built to last, providing you with years of enjoyment and peace of mind.
  3. Warranty coverage: Many window manufacturers offer warranties that are only valid if the windows are installed by a professional. This can save you from costly repairs or replacements in the future if any issues arise.
Newly installed black window on a brick home exterior, highlighting flawless integration and craftsmanship
Experience the benefits of professional window installation with perfectly fitted black windows on your brick home.


The rising popularity of black windows in brick homes is a testament to the modern, sophisticated look they provide. By choosing the right window style and frame materials and carefully considering the overall design of your home, you can successfully incorporate this design trend into your property. With professional window replacement services and the tips in this article, you can enhance your brick home’s exterior with the bold statement of black windows, elevating your property’s curb appeal and visual allure.

To learn more about the benefits and impact of black windows in various home designs, check out this article on Houzz.


“I never thought black windows could make such a difference in the appearance of our red brick home. After consulting with our designer, we decided to go with black casement windows to complement our modern home design. The contrast between the black window frames and the red brick has given our home a fresh, updated look that has dramatically improved its curb appeal. We couldn’t be happier with the results, and we’ve received numerous compliments from neighbors and friends. The professional installation ensured a perfect fit and finish, and the added energy efficiency is a bonus we greatly appreciate. If you’re considering black windows for your brick home, I highly recommend consulting with a professional to help guide you through the process and ensure a seamless integration with your home’s design.”

Sarah and John M., Satisfied Homeowners in Austin, TX


1. Why are black windows in brick homes becoming increasingly popular?

Black windows contrast with brick exteriors, adding a modern and sophisticated touch to the home’s design.

2. Can black windows be incorporated into various architectural styles?

Black windows complement modern, contemporary, traditional, and farmhouse-style homes.

3. What types of windows and frame materials are commonly used for black windows?

Casement, double-hung, awning, picture, and skylight windows are popular choices, with aluminum and steel being common frame materials.

4. Are white brick homes with black windows popular in specific architectural styles?

White brick homes with black windows are trendy in modern farmhouse and coastal home designs.

5. What factors should be considered when integrating black windows into a brick home?

Homeowners should consider surrounding landscaping, paint or trim colors, and the overall home design to ensure seamless integration.

6. Why is professional window installation necessary?

Professional installation ensures a proper fit, sealing, and long-lasting durability, and it may be required for warranty coverage from the window manufacturer.

7. Can black windows improve a home’s curb appeal and visual allure?

The contrast between black windows and brick exteriors can significantly enhance a home’s curb appeal and make it stand out in the neighborhood.

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