How to Bring Back the ’80s Style in Your Living Room Decor

The ’80s were an unforgettable decade of bold fashion, eclectic music, and vibrant pop culture. It’s no wonder that the distinctive style of this era is making a comeback, especially in home decor. This article will show you how to incorporate elements of the ’80s style into your modern living room, using examples and tips from different sources and designers. Get ready to add retro flair to your space with these 80s living room ideas!

A light blue sofa with white cushions, a gold coffee table with a marble top, a cream rug with flowers, a brass floor lamp, and a framed painting on the wall.
How to balance the softness of pastels with the shine of metals to create a sophisticated and elegant 80s living room.

Bold Graphics and Patterns:

One of the defining characteristics of the ’80s style is its bold graphics and patterns. Think of geometric shapes, bright colors, and contrasting prints to create a dynamic and fun look in your living room. To achieve this, consider using wallpaper or wall decals with striking designs or large-scale artwork that will make a statement. Play around with patterned rugs, cushions, and throw blankets to add visual interest. For inspiration, check out these 80s-themed room ideas from renowned interior designers (Reference 1).

Curvy Furniture and Accessories:

The ’80s were all about soft, rounded edges and curved lines. Incorporate this design element into your living room by selecting sofas, chairs, tables, lamps, and mirrors with a curvy silhouette. This will add coziness and warmth to the space, making it more inviting and comfortable. Look for inspiration in 80s home decor trends, such as Memphis Design, which combined geometric shapes with bold colors and playful curves (Reference 2).

Pastel Colors and Metallic Accents:

The ’80s were also a time of pastel colors and metallic accents. Consider using a palette of soft pinks, blues, greens, and yellows to bring this vibe to your living room. Balance the sweetness of these colors with metallic gold, silver, or brass elements, such as picture frames, vases, or light fixtures. This will create a sophisticated, elegant look that nods to the past while still feeling fresh and modern. For more ideas on using pastel colors and metallic accents, check out these examples from top interior designers (Reference 2).

Before and After Transformations:

Sometimes, the best way to get inspired is by seeing before and after transformations of the ’80s living rooms. These examples show how others have updated their spaces with modern touches and minimal changes. One popular approach is to keep the room’s original layout and key pieces while updating the color scheme, adding contemporary artwork, or incorporating new accessories (Reference 3). This way, you can maintain the nostalgic charm of the ’80s while giving your living room a fresh and stylish makeover.


Embracing the ’80s style in your living room decor can be fun and creative to add personality to your space. By using bold graphics and patterns, curvy furniture and accessories, pastel colors, and metallic accents, you’ll create a unique and inviting atmosphere that pays homage to this iconic decade. Feel free to experiment with different ideas and mix and match elements to find the perfect balance between retro nostalgia and modern design. Now it’s your turn to try some of these tips in your living room or share your 80s-style furniture and accessories ideas with fellow retro enthusiasts. Let the makeover begin!